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The unique premium padel court resistant to hurricanes

The X-Treme padel court has been designed by MejorSet engineers to provide maximum visibility, aesthetic design and resistance to strong and tropical winds, as well as hurricanes. This court resists gusts of up to 265km/h or 165mp/h., certified by American and European organisms. With special anticorrosive primer and Magnelis steel reinforcements, this court is suitable for the United States, as well as Central American countries such as Mexico or Oceania such as Australia.

  • Fixed padel court for outdoor use, resistant to the strongest winds.
  • Includes customised entrance and net protections and entrance trim.
  • Laser Cut Technology: Designed to allow moisture and rust to drain away.
  • European Certification with EURCODE 2
  • American Certification by Florida Building Code (7th Edition), 2020; ASTM e1300 and American Society of Civil Engineers, 7-16.


The court enclosure is constructed with a self-supporting structure featuring a structural tube, enclosed, and anchored with two lower and upper perimeter rings. The upper ring, measuring 350x250x6, is designed to withstand winds up to 165 mph, while the lower ring is made of 2.5mm Mejoset-type structural plate.

The materials used include galvanized steel, treated with a zinc primer, and the structure is coated with epoxy polyester resin baked with a C5 certification for added durability in challenging environments.

The galvanized electro-welded mesh, with dimensions of 50x50x4mm, is delivered without projections, and frames are formed with structural plates of thickness according to specifications. Additionally, there are two horizontal tube crosspieces designed for anti-buckling, preventing the structure from bending under weight.

Lateral intermediate pillars, constructed with 100x50x3mm tube, provide support for the frames.

  • Length: 65,6168 feet (internal dimensions of the game) 66,92913 feet (external dimensions of the court).
  • Width: 32,8084 feet (interior measurements of the game) 34,12073 feet (exterior measurements of the court)
mejorset cristales templados 12 mm y 10 mm


This court can withstand wind gusts of up to 165 mph with special tempered glass.

Both side and bottom glass panels measure 2x3m, all installed on 5mm neoprene to minimize vibrations and reduce the risk of breakage. The manufacturing process for all these tempered glasses follows a standardized production process in compliance with UNE EN 12150-1 standards.

For secure fixation of the four panes to the floor, we use Magnelis 2.5mm carbon steel sheet, coated on both sides with a zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy.

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Colour Personalization


The metallic elements are coated with a thermosetting polyester powder paint formulated with polyester resins. This QUALICOAT certified finish, in the customer's desired color, provides these elements with excellent resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet rays, as well as high resistance to mechanical impacts.

In coastal and salty environments, we treat the structure with an additional two-coat primer system of pure epoxy, which is coated with either a powder or liquid finish.

Double coating
In coastal and salty environments, we treat the structure with an additional two-coat primer system of pure epoxy, which is coated with either a powder or liquid finish. 

Monofilament Turf

For the X-Treme Court the default turf used is 12mm monofilament, available in the 4 official colors accepted by the International Padel Federation: blue, green, orange/clay, black and purple.

We also have the new 10mm textured grass, used in the center court of the main professional tournaments in the world. It stands out for the textured effect of its filaments, which provide a greater rotational and longitudinal traction capacity, allowing an increase in grip, improving safety and the performance of the movements.



The court lighting is provided by 50x50 mm tubular streetlights, which can be straight, curved or zeta-shaped.

To position the lighting fixtures, 2 mm magnellis crossarms are used in lengths of 1 meter, 1.4 meters and 2 meters. These crossarms are ideal for providing optimum lighting on the court.

LED lighting with 8 spotlights of 200w is specially designed for our padel courts.To improve the performance in the lightening it is possible to increase the amount of lamps or with higher power.

In compliance with NIDE standards, the lighting of a padel court shall be uniform and in such a way that it does not hinder the vision of the players, the referee team or the spectators.

We comply with the UNE EN 12193 standard "Lighting for sports facilities".

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