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Panoramic RC10

The ideal panoramic padel court for outdoor and indoor

The PANORAMIC RC10 court is our 2023 model, a court designed for the Padel of the future. With corners added to the Full Panoramic version, it allows customization with more color. It complies with the specifications of the International Padel Federation.

  • New court in 2023
  • FIP specifications
  • No structural elements in the glass areas.
  • Offers a spectacular indoor and outdoor view, both for the player and the spectator. Adapted for all environments and locations, while allowing a fantastic panoramic view for televised matches.


Padel court 20x10 m. made of galvanized steel structure painted or coated with epoxy-polyester resin baked in the oven according to the characteristics of the technical specifications. Galvanized electro-welded mesh 50x50x4mm with delivery without interior projections. Frame joints with threaded rods, washers, and rounded stainless steel blind nuts. Double entrance door opening of 1.10 cm.

Including posts and netting fully finished in accordance with FIP material approvals.

Optional custom corner finish, beams in 140x60x2 galvanized structural tubing. Sides 80.60.2 in intermediate 3 m high, anchor plates 300x180x10 mm and 200x190x10 mm with 10 mm sheet metal gussets, with screws m14 or higher and metal plugs minimum length 140 mm.

Fastening to the floor by means of " or similar type dowels, metal structural reinforcement brackets up to 0.5 m in height at the base of pillars supporting glass, horizontal crosspieces at 1 m and 2 m of 30x30x2mm for anti-paneling, upper sealing of pillars with PVC plugs.

  • Length: 65,6168 feet (internal dimensions of the game) 66,92913 feet (external dimensions of the court).
  • Width: 32,8084 feet (interior measurements of the game) 34,12073 feet (exterior measurements of the court)
mejorset cristales templados 12 mm y 10 mm


Certified 12 mm tempered glass for the panoramic backdrops and sides. In the case of the side glass, this court can be fitted with 2 large 2x3m windows, the same size as the backdrops, or with the traditional system. All of them are installed on 5 mm neoprene to reduce vibrations and breakage. The manufacturing process of all this tempered glass is made through a standardized production process and in accordance with the UNE EN 12150-1 standard.

Advantages of the tempered glass:

  • Ability to withstand tensile stress, with a higher resistance than that of annealed glass.
  • In case of breakage, the tempered glass disintegrates into small fragments that do not cause serious cutting or lacerating injuries, such as those that would be caused by the sharp edges of small pieces of annealed glass.
  • These characteristics make tempered glass a good choice for people's safety, especially since it does not break into sharp or large shards.
  • Tempered glass has four times the mechanical strength of annealed glass.

mejorset colores de pista
Colour Personalization


The metallic elements are covered with a thermosetting powder polyester paint formulated with polyester resins. This finish, in a color desired by the client, provides these elements with good resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet rays, as well as being highly resistant to mechanical impacts .

Once the powder paint is applied electrostatically on the surface of the material, the pieces go to an oven where they are heated to a temperature between 180ºC-200ºC, in which polymerization occurs.

In coastal / maritime areas where salt fog is formed which, driven by the wind, generates conditions of high risk of corrosion. (especially in the first 100m), we apply a cold galvanised coating and marine priming.

The structure can be painted with the RAL that the client decides, optionally the track can be painted in 2 shades, for example the stalk of the spotlights can be in a different color.

Double coating
In coastal and salty environments, we treat the structure with an additional two-coat primer system of pure epoxy, which is coated with either a powder or liquid finish. 

Textured Turf

10mm textured turf, artificial turf used in the center court of the main professional tournaments in the world, which stands out for the textured effect of its filaments, which provide greater rotational and longitudinal traction capacity. It allows an increase in the grip and therefore improves the safety and performance of the displacements. Ideal for indoors and professional tournaments.

All of our range of grass guarantees maximum performance, safety, comfort, and durability and are recommended by the association of professional padel players and the International Padel Federation.


Monofilament Turf

12mm monofilament artificial straight grass of the latest generation. This type of surface is ideal for outdoor use due to its composition and faster drainage. It is also recommended for outdoor use, especially in high temperatures, as it better withstands heat.

Available in the four official colors accepted by the International Padel Federation: blue, green, orange/clay and black



LED lighting with 8 spotlights of 200W each is specifically designed for our padel courts. To enhance lighting performance, it is possible to either increase the number of lamps or opt for higher-powered ones.

In adherence to NIDE standards, the lighting on a padel court is designed to be uniform, ensuring it does not obstruct the vision of players, the referee team, or spectators. Our lighting systems comply with the UNE EN 12193 standard, which outlines lighting requirements for sports facilities.

Various lightning structures are available, including curve, Z, and straight configurations, providing flexibility to suit different court layouts and lighting needs.

The advantages of LED projectors for Padel courts:

  • Instant on, so you can make the most of the player's time on the court, as opposed to traditional halide spotlights that take time to to reach their maximum luminosity.
  • Low heat emission, highly recommended for indoor paddle courts due to their small size.
  • Compliance with the lighting regulations of the International Padel Federation.
  • Energy saving, our LED projectors save up to 65% of energy compared to traditional halide bulbs.

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