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MejorSet is proud to hold both American and European certifications for the installation of Padel Courts, enabling us to serve clients worldwide. In the United States, we possess the necessary certifications required for court installation across the entire territory.

Premier Official Court

The court that ensures maximum visibility during the game, with an exclusive design of lamp post in the shape of a half padel racket, court numbering to offer the sensation of a limited edition and with the innovation of the Shock Lock system invented by MejorSet, especially for the improvement of the playability in tournaments.

  • Limited Edition from 2024-2026
  • Exclusive lamppost in the shape of a half-padel racket
  • Special edition turf by MONDO
  • Shock Lock Absorption system
  • Premier Padel and MejorSet Branding

Full Panoramic

The Full Panoramic court, a superpanoramic view, without corners (pillars),  recognized as the best padel court due to the clean view it provides and and the most avant-garde design. Optionally this court can integrate a ring of portability, it does not require screws to anchor it to the ground.Ideal for events or to install it in an area where it is not possible to drill holes. Example: on top of a tennis court.

  • No structural elements in glazing areas
  • Offers a spectacular indoor and outdoor view for both the player and the spectator
  • Adapted for all environments and locations while allowing a fantastic panoramic view for televised matches

FIP Official Court

Exclusive official court built and distributed by MejorSet designed in collaboration with the International Padel Federation (FIP), aims to establish the highest quality standards in the game, providing maximum visibility while being a disruptive design.

  • Official colours of the International Padel Federation (FIP).
  • New structure of lightning exclusively with this model
  • MONDO texturised 10mm or 12mm monofilament turf to choose from
  • 12mm tempered glass for maximum resistance and better visibility

Panoramic RC10

With corners added to the Full Panoramic version, it allows full customization with more color. It complies with the specifications of the International Padel Federation. Ideal for indoor and outdoor clubs that seek to have the best price-quality ratio without losing visibility.

  • New court in 2023
  • FIP specifications
  • No structural elements in the glass areas.
  • Offers a spectacular indoor and outdoor view, both for the player and the spectator. Adapted for all environments and locations, while allowing a fantastic panoramic view for televised matches.

V-PRO Classic

The classic and most economical court. Ideal for the entire international market, easy installation, and low maintenance. A prime and muscular model, with high-quality finishes and details. Meets the specifications of the International Padel Federation.

  • Outstanding reinforcements and thickness of all materials.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Meets International Padel Federation specifications.


The X-Treme padel court has been designed by MejorSet engineers to provide maximum visibility, aesthetic design and resistance to strong and tropical winds, as well as hurricanes. This court resists gusts of up to 265km/h or 165mp/h., certified by American and European organisms. With special anticorrosive primer and Magnelis steel reinforcements, this court is suitable for the United States, as well as Central American countries such as Mexico or Oceania such as Australia.

  • Fixed padel court for outdoor use, resistant to the strongest winds.
  • Includes customised entrance and net protections and entrance trim.
  • Laser Cut Technology: Designed to allow moisture and rust to drain away.
  • European Certification with EURCODE 2
  • American Certification by Florida Building Code (7th Edition), 2020; ASTM e1300 and American Society of Civil Engineers, 7-16.


The best padel court for the introduction of kids playing padel. With the same quality features as the adult Full Panoramic, we have created the safest option for them to play padel. The Kids padel court is half the length and width of a standard court but with twice the fun! It is suitable for kids aged between 2 to 6 years old as well as matches between kids and parents.

  • Same as the adult version but for children
  • The best materials
  • 12mm glass
  • Anti-injury folded mesh system
  • Baked-on paint
  • LED lighting 8 x 200W
  • High quality artificial peat monofilament

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Our sales process

We strive to make business easy, dynamic, and extremely understandable, just like in padel.

We customize your court or padel club with a custom design.

Configure the ideal court with our 3D configurator or contact us so we can send you the design that best suits your needs.

We define the project and send an estimate.

We will arrange a video call to clarify any details or resolve any possible doubts.

Start of construction

Once the agreement is signed and the commercial proposal is accepted, we start working to ship and install your courts.

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The average court construction and installation time are 33 days (30 days factory and 3 days installation). Transportation depends on location.

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