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What characterizes a padel court?

We usually receive the question about which are the aspects to check before buying a padel court or creating a sports club. For this reason, at MejorSet we have decided to summarise it in four elements that simplify the purchase process: 

  • Steel frame and fences with a sufficient thickness of the profile, size 10m x 20m.
  • Glass with sufficient quality and thickness of 10-12mm. Please note that the thicker the glass, the stronger the tempered glass will be. 
  • The sports/artificial turf has to be very good for a competitive playing experience, to avoid player injuries and to avoid having to renew the turf at short notice. 
  • Lighting is another key element, whatever the time of day, to have good lighting conditions on the padel courts and to get the most out of it. The quantity and quality of lighting can be a competitive advantage compared to other padel clubs.

It will depend on each supplier the sales process, due to possible intermediaries, times, etc. In MejorSet as installers and manufacturers we work directly with the client from the design to the installation. You will be able to decide the best way of transport and installation of the courts, either with our workers or it is also possible only with supervision and putting another installation team. All our logistics are managed from Alicante and sent to the desired destination.

Let's start this reading with a summary and then we will have more detailed information about each point of our checklist.

Top 8 checklist you make to build a padel court or club:

  • Location of padel courts - should be easily accessible to customers.
  • Foundations and ground for the location - check if the ground is solid and if it can be drilled or not.
  • Positioning of the padel courts - create an attractive entrance.
  • Quality of the padel court - you want to make a sustainable investment with a guarantee.
  • Quality of the artificial turf - high performance turf is a priority for a good padel club
  • Powerful lighting - good lighting and efficient lighting to illuminate the court when there is no natural light
  • Clear space height - the higher the ceiling height, the better.
  • Scalability in the number of courts - you need to be able to scale your revenue.

Location - as easy as possible to spread the word

A good location for a padel destination is an important factor when you want to make padel more than just a hobby. It is important to find a well-known location with organic visibility, but above all, it is important to create easy access for customers in private cars. 

Time-consuming parking or not being able to find parking easily can be a source of frustration and not arriving on time to play, which will lead to delays in booked times. 

How big should the parking area be? 

You can usually calculate the required parking capacity from the maximum number of padel players multiplied by 0.8. This may vary depending on the market, but usually, padel players prefer their private vehicles. The maximum number of padel players can be easily calculated by multiplying the number of courts by eight (8). Why multiplied by eight? Because Padel is played in doubles there are four people playing at the same time and when the booking cycle changes you have double the number of people in your Padel club.

Foundation - Avoids sinking and other headaches

This is one of the most important criteria for installing a successful padel court.  The base must be built and the concrete floor must be poured horizontally and checked for level with a spirit level tool. The thickness of the concrete has to be at least 18-20 centimeters in order to meet the minimum measurements for the installation of the padel court firmly.

Building an outdoor padel court can be a real headache if you have not called in the professionals, as the ground has to be worked in specific phases to avoid unnecessary risks of subsidence due to winter rains or other ground movements. 

Positioning - attractive entrance and placement of the tracks

How do you create an attractive first impression for new customers and a smooth commercial journey through your padel club? 

The aim is to create a smooth customer journey, combined with attractive sales opportunities that can generate 10-20% additional revenue. By careful design, you can increase the average purchase per customer and improve profitability. You can create strong revenue streams from the sale of equipment such as balls and paddles, as well as other supplementation products and hydration drinks during and after the game...

In our experience, the best entrance is always located in the middle. This way, you create a powerful first impression when people enter your sports club. Customers can immediately feel the energy around them as they see people moving from 180 to 360 degrees.

Quality of the steel structure of the padel court: sustainable investment with a guarantee.

The quality of steel profiles is something that is often underestimated by new buyers. It is important to understand that lower quality steel profiles cannot withstand the high temperatures and changing humidity possible. In the long run, it doesn't make a big difference whether we are talking about a padel court for 25.000€ or 30.000€, it is much more important to focus on building a growing and loyal clientele.

We have seen in many indoor and outdoor projects that the buyer chooses the cheapest option and later regrets his earlier cost-oriented decision. 

Although one may sometimes consider buying a track with a lower price initially, in a short time the materials if they are not of quality begin to show wear and tear that is exponential over time. This can lead to the loss of the clientele that starts going in the first moments precisely because of the image that the court is new and in good condition.

Artificial turf quality - player experience and easy maintenance

Sports turf or artificial turf, whatever you want to call it, it is very important to select it well from the beginning. 

A good quality turf in a padel court, like the one we install in MejorSet in our projects - Mondo - helps your clients to suffer fewer injuries and to avoid risks for the reputation of the club, as well as it has long durability and lower maintenance costs.

Also, as a curious fact, high quality turf does not need as much sand and therefore reduces another cost. 

How do I know if my sports turf is of good quality? 

The best performing sports turfs have 27 stitches per 10 cm. All other artificial turf options are ultimately a waste of money and time.

The official color of sports turf is blue, which is the most popular option and seen in padel courts all over the world although at MejorSet we have the 4 official colors approved by the International Padel Federation.

The height of the free space above the padel court must be at least 8 metres.

Especially in indoor venues, it is crucial to have enough height and free space above the padel courts. This is one of the key points that new market entrants underestimate or market pioneers are clear about right from the start.

We have already seen that many padel clubs, especially in Sweden and Finland, have lost customers to other padel operators with higher ceilings and some of them have been forced to go out of business or even bankrupt.

A free ceiling of a minimum of 8-10 metres is absolutely the critical factor for a sustainable Padel Club business. Some investors will not even go into premises with less than 10 meters in height, as they understand the importance of free space for advanced players' shots.

Scalability in the number of courts - how to build a padel club

Last but not least, we have to think about the scalability of the padel club we want to build.

Since MejorSet has been analyzing the world of padel for more than 20 years, we know that in mature markets it has been proved that there is a limited possibility to do business and to be really profitable in the long term with less than 8 courts. Especially this has to be taken into account for the purchase of indoor premises that are to be refurbished as a private sports club. 

Therefore, let us remember that you have to have eight meters of free space above the court and that you have to be able to grow up to eight padel courts. What we mean by this is that it is not necessary to have eight courts from the beginning and not even in the same location, but in the long run, you need to be able to provide capacity to customers so that you can find cost scalability.

Conclusions on how to choose the right padel court for your needs

There are multiple common mistakes you can make when you start a padel club or buy a padel court for your existing sports club. The most common mistake is to think that a low price is the main criterion to make a decision and not to take into account that saving on quality does not lead to what you are looking for when you create a padel club: profitability. 

From MejorSet we know after having installed hundreds of padel courts (replacing in many cases old ones), that the main risk in the cheapest padel courts is that when problems arise, the suppliers neglect or do not give correct maintenance. The problem can be anything from lighting to corrosion in the steel profiles. With the highest quality padel courts, you have a long-term guarantee, and you can sleep soundly at night.

Thank you for reading this far, feel free to contact us and ask more questions on our social media or via our contact page.


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What characterizes a padel court?

When buying a padel court or considering setting up a padel club, the following four elements should be checked: Steel frame and fencing with a sufficient profile thickness, size 10m x 20m, and glass with sufficient quality with a thickness of 10-12mm.
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